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Package thermal oil heaters from RCR Tomlinson

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RCR Tomlinson  now have available a range of package thermal oil heaters for commercial and industrial heating applications. The range covers package thermal oil heaters, both gas and oil-fired in typical DIN (EN) coil-type and API designs.

Package thermal oil heaters, provided by RCR Energy Service, are designed to European Norms or ASME standards in a concentrically-nested helical coil arrangement. This design results in an efficient heater, compact yet robust in design to protect against thermal cracking and fatigue.

Additionally, a generous heating surface area coupled with this modern design achieves high efficiency.

These package thermal oil heaters have an output range of 500 kW - 10,000 kW and a medium temperature range of up to 320ºC. Operating pressure ranges are individually designed to suit specific requirements.

RCR Tomlinson also has substantial experience in wood and coal-fired thermal oil heaters.

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