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Package steam boilers from RCR Tomlinson

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article image The Steampac WB steam boiler

RCR Tomlinson  are providers of firetube and 'D Type' watertube package steam boilers, which generate saturated steam up to 10MW. Within this range of package steam boilers are the Fulton Vertical Tubless Boiler, the Steampac WT, WB and RF the Cleaver Brooks O-type Boiler - M4.

The Fulton Series Vertical Tubeless Steam Boiler meets steam raising requirements for process steam across a broad range of commercial, industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical applications. These gas or diesel operated steam boilers have an output range of 96kg/hr - 960kg/hr and an operating pressure of up to 1,034 kPa. Fulton Series Vertical Tubeless steam boilers are designed and constructed to BS 2790 and have thermal efficiencies greater than 80% GCV and 88% NCV. There is also a five year warranty on the pressure vessel.

The Steampac WT package steam boiler is a safe, efficient and durable 'D-Type' water-tube boiler plant, that is comprehensively engineered into an attractive package. Manufactured to an unattended classification within AS 2593 and NZ OSH Code of Practice for Boilers, the Steampac WT operates on a wide range of fuels including solid, gas, oil, and waste heat. These steam boilers operate to a pressure of 17 bar - 32 bar and a maximum temperature of 350ºC.

Steampac WB steam boilers feature a robust design to BS2790 and incorporate three complete gas passes within the boiler. Manufactured to a modern design with robust ancillary equipment, they have a large evaporation surface and boiler volume to handle variations in steam flow. With an output of 4MW - 11MW and an operating pressure of 10 bar - 17 bar, these steam boilers are efficient units that run on oil, gas, coal, or waste heat fired.

The third steam boiler in the Steampac range, the RF, features a compact design with high quality ancillaries which offer robust and reliable performance. This steam boiler achieves two effective flow passes within the combustion furnace tube, followed by a final pass through multiple tubes fitted with spiral flow retarders to maximise thermal efficiency and heat transfer.
Design features of these steam boilers include a swinging front door for easy routine inspections, a compact design for tight boiler house layouts, and high thermal efficiency resulting in fuel consumption savings. These steam boilers have an output of 350kW - 3,600 kW, an operating pressure of 10 bar - 17 bar, and they operate on oil, gas, or waste heat fired.

Finally, the Cleaver Brooks O-type Boiler, so named because the steam drum, water drum and furnace are all on the same vertical centreline. This feature offers the following benefits:

  • smaller physical dimensions than alternative designs
  • top mounted boiler flue, saving additional floor space
  • quick start-up and rapid water circulation establishment.

These boilers feature a two drum, three pass configuration and will fit through a standard doorway. They are fully unattended to AS 2593 and run on gas, light oil, or can be dual fuel fired. They also have an output of up to 1400 kW and an operating pressure of 12 bar standard.

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