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Lo-Flo inert gas generators available from RCR Tomlinson

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article image Lo-Flo inert gas generators elimate haxardous methane gas from confined areas

Lo-Flo inert gas generators from RCR Tomlinson have been specifically designed to eliminate hazardous methane gas from underground coal mines and other areas where there are constrictions on space. The main task for Lo-Flo inert gas generators is to inertise mined sections in underground coal mines before sealing off from the mine ventilation system, therefore minimising the chance of a methane gas explosion.

These inert gas generators can be used for vessel and fuel tank inspections or maintenance as well as numerous other mining techniques. The inert gas generators can be supplied in static or mobile configurations and can also be gas fired or diesel fired or a combination of both.

Inert gas generators from RCR Tomlinson have a quiet operation and are able to transmit a detailed operating history and gas data to a remote control centre.

RCR Tomlinson can deliver the gas generators to site as one rally operational skid or trailer mounted machine that can be ready to produce cooled inert gas within hours of arrival at site.

Lo-Flo inert gas generators can also be utilised in other applications including:

  • Dilution of process gas streams to alter calorific value or chemical composition
  • Purging LP gas storage vessels prior to interior inspections
  • Purging sewerage digesters before internal maintenance
  • Purging fuel storage tanks before internal inspections
Characteristic inert gas specifications that are produced by RCR Lo-Flo inert gas generators include:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) – 12.5%
  • Delivery pressure – 100 kPa
  • Gas temperature – ambient + 20oC
  • Gas volume – 1,800 m3 per hour
  • Nitrogen content (N2) – 75%
  • Oxygen content (O2) – less than 2%

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