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Industrial products from RCR Tomlinson

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RCR Tomlinson  is one of the leading engineering companies in Australia with diverse activities. RCR Tomlinson undertakes operations such as site maintenance and repair, production of heavy industrial equipment and heat transfer controls.

The various products that RCR Tomlinson has to offer can be broadly classified as material handling equipment, crushing equipment and boilers. For material handling, RCR Tomlinson provides industries with equipment such as apron feeders, belt feeders, stacking conveyors, belt reelers, etc. Along with these, RCR Tomlinson also has varied applications such as the distribution of rockbreaker arms, wobbler feeders and the BHB range of cranes to a number of factories across Australia.

For crushing, RCR Tomlinson provides mobile crushing and screening equipment which as essential in the mining and quarry industries. Along with this, RCR Tomlinson is also a supplier of portable crushing devices.

The different kind of boilers and energy plants from RCR Tomlinson are heat recovery systems, packaged team boilers, thermal oil heaters and a variety of others. Other products that RCR Tomlinson has to offer are construction material, heat transfer equipment and maintenance material.

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