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Industrial equipment and maintenance from RCR Tomlinson

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Based in Perth, RCR Tomlinson is considered to be one of the most diverse engineering company in Australia. RCR Tomlinson specialises in the manufacture of heavy equipment, repairs, site maintenance and heat transfer control.

RCR Engineering division of RCR Tomlinson deals with the manufacture and production of heavy duty equipment such as apron feeders, crushes and scrubbers. Along with these, the maintenance and repair of gearboxes and screens is considered a high priority for RCR Tomlinson. RCR Tomlinsonalso is a chief supplier of industrial equipment such as crushers, for the mining and quarry industries. Apart from this, RCR Tomlinson is involved in material handling, equipment overhauls etc.

The RCR Construction and Maintenance division of RCR Tomlinson has consultants who provide information about maintenance and repairs to the customers. They also deal with site and workshop repairs including greenfield and brown field construction. They also provide their services at the time of a shut down and are adept at hiring the best labour across Australia.

Other divisions of RCR Tomlinson include heat treatment, RCR Lasers, boilers, RCR energy and the like.

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