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Safe Handling of Cytotoxic Drugs with Pro-Val Chemoprene Gloves from RCR International

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article image Safe Handling of Cytotoxic Drugs with Pro-Val Chemoprene Gloves

Pro-Val chemoprene gloves available from RCR International Pty Ltd offer excellent permeation resistance to cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs allowing safe handling during treatment procedures.  

Healthcare, veterinary and laboratory workers are at risk of exposure to cytotoxic drugs when preparing, handling and administering the drugs.  

Cytotoxic drugs are prescribed to treat cancers and other medical conditions. There being no exposure limits set for cytotoxic drugs, even low levels of exposure must be avoided by taking necessary safety precautions.  

Healthcare, veterinary and laboratory workers can be exposed to or contaminated by cytotoxic drugs through skin or eye contact, inhalation of aerosols and drug particles, ingestion as well as needlestick injuries.  

Exposure can also happen through drug preparation or administration, handling patient waste, transport and waste disposal as well as spills.  

Adverse health effects arising out of cytotoxic drug exposure include abnormal cell formation, alterations to normal blood cell count, foetal loss in pregnant women, abdominal pain, hair loss, nasal sores, vomiting, liver damage, contact dermatitis and various allergic reactions.  

The risks of adverse health effects from handling cytotoxic drugs can be eliminated or reduced by implementing various processes including: 

  • Establishing cleaning procedures for managing the contamination of surfaces
  • Using a cytotoxic drug preparation area to restrict access to unauthorised persons
  • Ensuring appropriate ventilation and air-filtering systems
  • Using labelled mops, buckets, trolleys and waste containers specifically for cytotoxic drug use
  • Proper hand-washing technique
  • Establishing protocols and safe work procedures for handling cytotoxic drugs and disposal of related waste
  • Displaying universal cytotoxic drug signage when treatment is in progress
  • Providing mandatory induction and training to workers about the hazards and safe handling of these drugs as well as correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Following drug manufacturers' instructions for safe handling/use
  • Health monitoring of workers handling cytotoxic drugs
  • Wearing personal protective equipment such as overalls, gowns, head covering, closed footwear, gloves, safety glasses/face shields and respiratory protective devices
  • Reviewing the condition of PPE and spill kit contents regularly

Pro-Val chemoprene gloves from RCR International offer excellent permeation resistance to cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs. Providing true comfort, quality and protection, chemoprene medical and diagnostic gloves offer the fit and feel of latex while providing better elongation and tensile strength than nitrile.  

Key features of Pro-Val cytotoxic drug resistant gloves: 

  • Tested under ASTM F 739-99a for permeation resistance to multiple cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs
  • Tested for biocompatibility, skin irritation and dermal sensitisation (ASTM F-719, 720 ISO 10993)
  • Free from thiurams and mercaptobenzothiazoles, reducing the risk of contact dermatitis
  • Permeation resistance to blood-borne pathogens
  • Chemical permeation resistance to industrial chemicals
  • Powder free gloves
  • Ambidextrous gloves
  • Latex free gloves, ideal for latex allergy sufferers
  • Higher resistance than latex gloves to non-polar solvents
  • Green colour for easy recognition
  • Greater stretchability and higher elongation than nitrile gloves
  • Textured fingertips provide extra grip for wet or dry situations
  • Listed on the Register of Therapeutic Goods
  • Single use, non sterile disposable gloves
  • Meets Australian Standard AS/NZS 4011:1997/ Amdt 1.1998

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