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Resilient Protection with Disposable Nitrile Gloves from RCR International

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RCR International Pty Ltd  presents a new line of disposable nitrile gloves suitable for use in medical, diagnostics and food handling applications.  

Disposable nitrile gloves offer several advantages over conventional latex gloves. Latex has long been considered as the only option when it comes to disposable hand wear but advances in modern science have led to the use of diverse materials in glove construction including nitrile.  

Nitrile gloves are made from a form of synthetic rubber and unlike other options, are highly resistant to oil and acids, making them suitable for use in scientific and medical settings.  

Nitrile gloves are especially suitable for medical environments as they are three times less likely to puncture than standard rubber gloves.  

Key factors to consider during the selection of nitrile medical gloves: 

  • Gloves are available in standard sizes and longer variations to suit different purposes
  • Standard blue nitrile exam gloves are designed to fit snugly on the hand, allowing the user more dexterity in movement for precise handwork
  • Longer variations of nitrile exam gloves have extra length and strength to provide superior protection
  • Available in 4mm, 5mm or 8mm thicknesses
  • Thinner blue nitrile disposable gloves offer more sensitivity and flexibility
  • Thicker disposable nitrile exam gloves offer superior protection overall
  • Longer disposable nitrile gloves are available in even thicker sizes for added protection
  • Available with or without powder
  • Powdered gloves help them stay in place
  • Nitrile powder-free gloves offer an extra layer of clean
  • Powder free gloves are available in all sizes and thickness, allowing users flexibility in choice
  • Standard nitrile medical gloves are highly affordable
  • Longer nitrile powder-free gloves come with an additional cost

Pro-Val disposable nitrile gloves

Pro-Val disposable nitrile gloves available from RCR International Pty Ltd are offered in various options to suit different applications.

Nite Safe gloves 

  • Powder-free, single use, latex-free examination gloves
  • Listed on the Register of Therapeutic Goods
  • Suitable for use in the medical and diagnostic industries
  • High strength provides excellent barrier for emergency services where there is greater risk of puncture
  • Broad range of chemical resistance, particularly petroleum-based chemicals
  • HACCP Australia Food Safety Certified
  • Suitable for food handling

Nitrile Blues PF gloves 

  • Powder-free, 100% nitrile gloves (non medical grade)
  • Blue in colour for easy recognition in food processing and handling areas
  • HACCP Australia Food Safety Certification
  • Strong and durable with excellent grip
  • Broad range of chemical resistance, particularly petroleum-based chemicals

Nitrile Blax gloves 

  • Black nitrile gloves with high strength, durability and excellent grip
  • Excellent chemical resistance, particularly with petroleum-based chemicals
  • Textured fingertips provide extra grip for wet or dry situations
  • Suitable for hairdressers, beauty therapists, mechanical workshops, panel shops and tattooists

Nitegreen 15 and Nitrile 46 gloves 

  • Thicker nitrile gloves
  • Strong and durable, providing excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including petroleum-based solvents, oils and greases
  • Excellent protection against abrasion and snags

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