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Reduce hazards in cold working conditions with Pro-Val freezer wear from RCR International

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Working in cold conditions is a hazard, with thousands of workers exposed to cold environments such as the outdoors in winter months, freezer plants, meat packing houses and cold storage facilities.

There are a number of ways to control and reduce the risks associated with working in cold conditions, from controlling the hazard at the source to ensuring the right freezer wear garments are being worn by workers.

Examples of possible cold condition risk controls include:

  • effective, controllable heating of workplaces
  • sheltering, screening and warming outside work areas with hot air blowers where possible
  • implementation of an appropriate work/rest regime
    • paid rest breaks for ten minutes per hour for temperatures between 9ºC and 7ºC
    • twenty minutes per hour for temperatures between 7ºC and 4ºC
    • thirty minutes per hour for temperatures between 4ºC and 1ºC.
    • note: an air temperature of 1ºC should be regarded as the minimum acceptable for normal work, and when temperatures reach this point workers should be stood by on full pay.
  • providing heated rest rooms or shelters to allow workers to obtain temporary relief from the cold
  • provision of hot drinks
  • proper education and close monitoring of new workers or those returning from leave until they are accustomed to the work conditions.
The protection of extremities through the use of appropriate protective clothing, including gloves, insulated or vapour barrier boots, and face masks is also very important, which is where Pro-Val freezer wear from RCR International is an ideal solution.

Pro-Val freezer wear is designed to provide total comfort and protection in very cold and sub-zero working environments. The freezer wear available includes a one piece suit with detachable hood, a jacket with detachable hood (also available with reflective tape), freezer trousers, and beanies.

The Pro-Val Coldie glove is also available and will keep hands warm and comfortable, particularly so when worn with RCR International's Thermaliner fleece liner glove.

Pro-Val freezer wear is manufactured to meet AS/NZS 4602:1999 for high visibility safety garments. They are made from 100% nylon fabric with a tough, water resistant outer shell and a polyester fibrefill insulation. The lining of this freezer wear is made from taffeta, and the knitted nylon collar and cuffs lock in body warmth and exclude cold air.

Top and bottom leg zips on the suit and pants ensure these freezer wear garments are easy to put on and take off. The garments feature a variety of utility pockets as well as insulated hand pockets and fluorescent safety panels for visibility on front and back. Jackets are also available with highly reflective tape on fluorescent safety panels for high visibility on the front and back.

Designed to provide complete comfort and protection, the Pro-Val beanie is made from 3M Thinsulate for added warmth without the bulk.

The Pro-Val Coldie glove is a polycotton glove, with a brushed fleece lining to keep hands warm. The latex crinkle finish on the palm is textured for a firm grip in both the wet and dry, and the rubber protected thumb provides optimal dexterity. Coldie gloves are reusable and washable.

RCR International's Thermaliner fleece liner glove is ideal when worn as an under glove for added warmth and comfort in cold environments. Brush lined for extra warmth and good dexterity when worn as an under glove, this glove is also reusable and washable.

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