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RCR International Supplies Protective Clothing and Gloves for the Food Industry

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RCR International Pty Ltd  offers an extensive range of protective clothing and gloves certified by HACCP Australia as safe for use in food handling and manufacturing industries.  

It is imperative to wear food-safe protective clothing and gloves when working in food handling, food preparation and food manufacturing industries.  

Berets, Caps and Beard Covers  

RCR International’s HACCP Australia-certified products include crimped berets, round bouffant caps and beard covers. Made from lightweight polypropylene, the bouffant caps and berets are designed to contain hair, and are available in a choice of colours to suit corporate or cross contamination colour coding requirements.  

Beard covers are also made from polypropylene and come in two different sizes in blue or white colours.  


Pro-Val aprons are made from embossed low density polyethylene and are waterproof as well as lightweight. Available in uni-size with two ties at the back, the white aprons are also supplied in extra long size for added coverage where required.  

These aprons are ideal for use in the food processing and manufacturing industries.  

Sleeve Protectors  

Designed to offer coverage from the wrist to elbow, Pro-Val sleeve protectors are available in two options including the Lightouch made from polypropylene that is lightweight and breathable as well as the Armgard made from polyethylene for wet and messy areas.  

Shoe and Boot Covers  

HACCP certified shoe covers and boot covers provide a barrier between the footwear and the environment. Shoe and boot covers keep floors free from contamination.  

Options include the Surefoot shoe covers that are breathable with non-skid soles and designed for indoor use or dry work areas. The Gloshie is a line of waterproof shoe covers while Shintoe boot covers feature a hard-wearing PVC sole with waterproof upper and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  


RCR International has a comprehensive range of gloves with HACCP Australia Food Safety Certification. These include examination gloves, disposable gloves, rubber gloves, PVC gloves, neoprene gloves and nitrile gloves.

  • Securtiex HR latex high-risk gloves are three times thicker than standard latex gloves with extra long cuffs, making them ideal for the end user who requires more protection
  • Stretch PF gloves are latex-free examination gloves made from ultra soft resin vinyl
  • Nite Safe gloves are 100% nitrile examination gloves that are powder-free and latex-free
  • Tri Tuff gloves are triple blend examination gloves made from a combination of latex, nitrile as well as neoprene and feature pebbled finger-ends for excellent grip
  • Nitrile Blues PF are powder-free, 100% non medical grade nitrile gloves, blue in colour for easy recognition in food processing and handling areas
  • Latex Blues are lightly powdered latex gloves, blue in colour and suitable for use in food processing and handling areas
  • Poly gloves are an economical alternative to vinyl gloves for the food industry and are made from polyethylene
  • Vinyl disposable gloves, All Clear and Foodie Blues are lightly powdered and powder-free gloves available in clear and blue options respectively
  • Process Blues are blue-lined rubber gloves made from FDA-compliant materials for food contact applications in the food processing industry
  • Thrifty Yellows are flock-lined rubber gloves, economically priced and used for general purpose applications
  • Tuff Pinks are premium, silver-lined rubber gloves with easy on-off glide design and ideal for commercial kitchens
  • Nitegreen 15 gloves are high quality nitrile flock-lined gloves designed to provide resistance to a wide range of chemicals

RCR International is equipped to supply the food industry with a wide range of HACCP Australia Food Safety Certified protective clothing and gloves designed to meet established safety standards.

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