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Citrus-based solvent/cleaner

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article image De-Solv-it cleaners are safe to use on metals and glass.
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R.C.R International’s De-Solv-It Solvent/Cleaner is a highly effective citrus-based solvent that is suitable for many degreasing, dewaxing and adhesive removal tasks.

De-Solv-it cleaner is not class 3 flammable (WorkSafe’s criteria), which ensures it is much safer than traditional hydrocarbon solvents.

De-Solv-it cleaners have no overwhelming vapours and require no expensive additional protective clothing besides gloves and safety glasses.

The solvent/cleaners effectively remove glue, chewing gum, sticky tape, price stickers, adhesive residue, labels, wax, road tar, Blu-tack and much more. It is also safe to use on metals, glass, tiles, laminates, ceramics, many plastics, clothing/fabrics and carpet.

This solvent/cleaner removes, degreases and cleans the following:

* Price labels from fixtures and product

* Labels from appliances and cutlery

* Double sided tape

* Scuff marks on floors

* Automotive and marine

* Crayons from walls

* Degreasing of parts/machinery

* Chewing gum from carpet, clothes and tools

* Pre-stain treatment for cloth

* Wax from surfboards

* Shower screen cleaning

* Clean boat bilge tanks

* De-waxing of floors

* Silicon sealant residue

* Cleaning oil, sweat and grime from gym equipment

* Cleaning of fishing and trawling nets

* Strips solar film and adhesives from windows

* Road tar, grease, oil and grime from cars, trucks, trailers and boats

* Gunk from printed circuit boards

* Post construction clean up

* Detail cleaning of sticky substance from vehicle upholstery and driveways

* Silicon sealant residue

* Labels on pallet racking and shelves

* Wax from machinery

* Clean up of wet oil paint

* Removing of surgical tape and adhesive off medical equipment

* Labels from beds, wall charts and pumps

* Laundry pre-wash spray for medical linen

* Wax removal from pots, benches and equipment.

Questions about this article

30/10/2012 - No the DSI will not dissolve the wax just by pouring it down the sink trap, it would need to be scrubbed as well. You may need something more powerful such as Hydrochloric acid. Be best to consult a plumber or plumbing supplies on how much to use and also the correct acid / cleaner to use.

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