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FRAS TR spacers preventing plant breakdowns

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article image The TR spacer features a fine cut on one side for easy fitting over the shaft

RAS Approtech announces the availability of TR spacers designed for use in quarries to prevent plant breakdowns.

Made in Australia from FRAS rubber (fire resistant, anti static) material, the TR spacer is ideal for use in quarries, above or underground for safety reasons. Designed to fit straight over the roller shaft, the TR spacer prevents the roller from getting jammed, eliminating wear while also avoiding any risk to the conveyer belt being sliced from mining or quarry material wedged between the roller and retaining bracket.

Rollers jamming during operation can cause unnecessary breakdowns, and can lead to major conveyor belt damage and downtime. The TR spacer has been made specifically to help eliminate this problem.

Featuring a fine cut on one side for easy fitting over the shaft without removing the roller, the TR spacer has been designed to fit the size of the roller and shaft in use; the void is taken up by the spacer. Being stationary, it does not rotate and only deflects any material that would have otherwise jammed into the gap.

Preventing the jamming of rollers due to rock and grit lodgement; eliminating conveyer belts shredding and tearing from worn flat spots; cutting down on plant maintenance costs; and extending roller life are some of the advantages of the TR spacer.

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