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RADCOFLEX manufactures an extensive range of corrugated metal hoses, which are ideal for the conveyance of liquids and gases under pressure. The corrugated metal hose flexes through the action and movement of the corrugations. 

Corrugated metal hoses are seamless and have the following advantages: 

  • Can be used for the conveyance of fluids and gases, the correction of misalignments, and the absorption of movements and vibrations; 
  • The corrugations can be formed either by mechanical or hydraulic means; 
  • They can be reinforced with wire braiding; 
  • They are manufactured in stainless steels 304, 321 or 316(L), and Monel is also available with special orders.

Industry applications for corrugated metal hoses include:

  • Steelmaking;
  • Chemical;
  • Smelting;
  • Petrochemical;
  • Automotive;
  • Materials handling;
  • Power generation.

RADCOFLEX’s range of corrugated metal hoses includes:

  • PARCOR: manufactured in accordance with ISO10380 Type 1-10 – Corrugated Metal Hose of High Flexibility. AGA approved;
  • PARREX: manufactured in accordance with ISO10380 Type 1-50 - Corrugated Metal Hose of High Flexibility. AGA approved;
  • HPC: ideal for high pressure and heavy duty applications in many instances replacing high pressure rubber hydraulic hose in high temperature environments;
  • LOCOR: manufactured generally to the hose requirements of ISO10380 Type 2-10 – Corrugated Metal Hose of Average Flexibility. AGA approved.

Wire braiding can be supplied loose or attached directly to the outside of the hose, presenting the following advantages:

  • Wire braid is generally attached to the outside of a metal corrugated or rubber hose to increase its pressure capacity;
  • RADCOFLEX provides options of open or close weave braid, depending on the requirements of the application;
  • Wire braiding can be provided in stainless steel 304 or 316.

Industry applications for wire braid:

  • Bundle wires and cables;
  • To act as a protective layer for cables;
  • To enhance the appearance of automotive hoses.

Any hose or assembly can be manufactured and enhanced to suit your specifications:

  • A wide variety of threaded fittings, pipe ends, flanges, camlocks, etc… can be attached to the corrugated hoses;
  • Hose assemblies can be fitted with a stripwound metal hose liner to enhance flow rates, and with external protection such as wire spring guard, PVC spiral guard, and stripwound metal hose;
  • RADCOFLEX hose assemblies can be chemically cleaned for oxygen service, and hydrostatically or pneumatically tested and certified in accordance with Australian and International Standards, when specified.

RADCOFLEX corrugated hoses, assemblies, and wire braids are manufactured in Australia in accordance with ISO 10380, and NAHAD Association guidelines.

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