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RADCOFLEX offers a comprehensive range of metal expansion joints to accommodate almost every pipework movement including those resulting from temperature changes, ground subsidence, pipework alignment, vibration and seismic movements.

A metal expansion joint consists of metal bellows elements fitted with flanges or pipe weld ends for ease of installation into a pipeline.

They can be fabricated to accommodate axial, lateral or angular movements. Control devices, known as hardware, such as tie rods, external gimbal rings, hinge plates and pins can be attached to help control the direction and amount of movement experienced by the expansion joint.

Metal expansion joints can be manufactured in circular or rectangular shape form and used as an alternative to rubber and fabric expansion joints, and can be fabricated from various alloys depending on their intended application.

Metal expansion joints are particularly effective in environments involving elevated pressures, temperatures, corrosive media and atmospheres. They can be used with virtually any conveyant including water, air, gas, oil, chemicals, and fuels.

RADCOFLEX metal expansion joints are engineered and made in Australia, and manufactured to the standards set out by the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association Inc. (EJMA).

RADCOFLEX metal expansion joints can be custom made to any specifications, but it is strongly recommended that customers seek the advice of a qualified pipework engineer to aid in the selection of the right expansion joint.

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