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Customised prototypes and components from RAB Manufacturing

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RAB Manufacturing  supplies customised prototypes, simple and complex components such as hubs, shafts, eye bushes, bushes, hose fittings, clevis pins, pine washers, adapters, mounting brackets, specialised bolts and nuts. Various materials in which RAB Manufacturing has the expertise and ability to work with includes stainless steel, mild steels, high tensol steels, aluminium, brass, copper, nylons, cast iron, forgings, cast aluminium, cast steel and delrin.

An extensive range of customised stainless steel pins, customised stainless steel cap with engraving, stainless steel fittings, towing eyebush, customised component in cast aluminium, customised three piece wheel centre and many more. Belt drive system, custom delrin product, brass fasteners, custom stainless steel vent ports for hot rods, custom vehicles, custom wheel nuts for drag cars and hot rods are the range of machined components from RAB Manufacturing.

Additionally, stainless steel electrical fittings with internal and external threads are also manufactured by RAB Manufacturing. Stainless steel fittings include generic threads for electronic products and stainless steel hose fitting. Standard wear parts from RAB Manufacturing are supplied for transport industry. Towing eyebush is supplied by RAB Manufacturing for use with orange standard wear parts.

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