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specialising in shielded power cables and power filters . And also parts for diy hifi . Featuring the following parts for diy hifi we have rca plugs- lok silver point and also rhodium and silver plated rca , copper binding posts , copper rca plugs , copper rca sockets and also copper banana plugs and spades . For your loudspeakers custom made stands and loudspeaker spikes . For the high end and hifi Enthusiast a range of silver rca and xlr assembled ... + View more


Supplier news
15/05/08 - The cable offered by R.K. Cable can be used on a PC and one can use it especially on the monitor. If one uses the computer for home theatre, gaming or even on a professional basis where one has to be in front of it all day, then the products of R.K.
Supplier news
14/05/08 - R.K. Cable offers a power cable upgrade by which a difference to the audiovisual and audio equipment is created. The difference and improvement in the audio visual equipment can itself be realised by the use of the products from R.K. Cable.
Supplier news
13/05/08 - R.K. Cable specialises in shielded power filters and power cables. Shielded power filters and power cables offered by R.K. Cable are used in audio visual equipment. R.K. Cable also offers custom cables to suit any length required. This allows the cab

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Factory 8, 20 Jesmond Road
VIC 3136
Tel: 03 9725 5571
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