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Patch for small piping problems

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RJ Cox Engineering , has released the new Mini-Patch MP-611 from Magna-Skin Technologies (MST).

Developed for smaller diameter piping the MP-611 works effectively with 3-inch and larger diameter pipes (including elbows) without sacrificing on the Magna-Patch's ability to repair piping whilst reducing downtime, material loss and cleaning costs associated with highly abrasive conveying systems.

The design of the MP-611 is very similar to the MP-811 elbow, in that it utilises rare earth magnet material, has a power screw and can conform to elbows.

It is easy to apply with a snap application, has the ability to increase uptime, is highly visible and maintenance free. It is reusable, minimises product loss and is made from a soft AR material that reduces product damage.

According to RJ Cox Engineering managing director Richard Cox, MST has recently conducted pressure tests on all its Magna-Patch models (MP-611, MP-711 and MP-811) and as a result has increased the polyurethane durometer from 50A to 80A.

MST only gauges up to 60psi and the MP-811 and MP-611 met this pressure without problems. The MP-711 came in around 40psi.

The Magna-Patch range is available in standard model sizes.

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