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Pallet Truck Weight product range

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article image Pallet truck weight (with scale) from R J Cox Engineering

  • Pallet truck weight (with scale) Product Range from R J Cox Engineering :

    Manually Operated Pallet Truck with Scale

  • Pallet Trucks with Scale are an alternatvie for users who need pallet weights for shipping.
  • The Scale Pallet Truck is equipped with a display and sensor from Mettler-Toledo, USA.
  • Available with or without printer.
  • The neutral position frees the handle of hydraulic functions.
  • The Scale Pallet Truck features a two power system: Rechargable Ni-Cr battery and AC power. The Scales on the Pallet Truck have high accuracy within 2kg in 2000kg.

Rhino Hand Pallet Trucks

  • Rhino Hand Pallet Trucks are of the Highest Quality ideal for Heavy Users
  • Rhino adjustable Solid Steel Push Rods
  • Reinforced Constructions
  • Rhino Hand Pallet Trucks are supplied with greased nipples and bushes on all necessary pivot points
  • Zinc coated axles
  • Spacer rollers standard on all Rhino Hand Pallet Trucks
  • Nylon wheels standard; polyurethane available upon request
  • Entry rollers

Rhino Hand Pallet Truck Specifications

  • Max Capacity: 2500kgs
  • Min Fork Lowered Position: 85mm
  • Max fork Raised Position: 200mm
  • Width of Each Fork: 160mm
  • Weight of Truck: 85kg
  • Width Overall Forks: Standard 685mm, Narrow 550mm
  • Distance between Forks: Standard 365mm, Narrow 230mm
  • Length of Forks: Standard 1150mm, Narrow 1100mm
  • Overall Length of Truck: Standard 1530mm, Narrow 1480mm


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