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Conveyor seal solves spillage problems

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article image At-Last-A-Seal on the job.

RJ COX Engineering has taken on the first real advance in conveyor sealing systems since the introduction of pine board, with the release of the Gordon At-Last-A-Seal.

Until now, all sealing systems have been installed on the outside of the chute wall and held in place with a clamp or clips. Under heavy loading, those systems have little support and are forced away from the chute wall.

The At-Last-A-Seal is designed to fit as part of the containment wall, sealing on the inside of the chute and float with the curve of the belt.

Most importantly, with the seal on the inside, the harder the material presses during heavy loading, the tighter it seals. And when there is no load on the belt it hangs free, reducing wear and drag.

"Because constant adjustment is not required you don't have to worry about someone beating your skirting through your belt every few months," RJ Cox Engineering managing director Richard Cox said.

According to Cox, clients are more than satisfied with the effectiveness of the seal.

"More than 75 per cent of company clients have bought two quantities of the At-Last-A-Seal. None of these has been to replace the original order but to install on to different systems after trialling the initial purchase," he said.

"Another contributing factor to its popularity is its long lasting nature. Depending on the application, this seal lasts at least 12 months and on most applications, two years plus."

According to Cox, there is minimal pressure on the belt under normal circumstances. The pressure on the skirt seal is when the product is forced against the seal. Therefore in this case there is no product, no pressure on the belt and no wear.

"This is unlike the other systems," said Cox, "which have to have constant pressure on the belt at all times to seal."

The Gordon At-Last-A-Seal skirt board system is easy to install and requires no adjusting or maintenance and comes in manageable 10-metre rolls.

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