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article image The Saber Blade -- never dulls.

MATERIALS handling supplier, RJ Cox Engineering , has integrated the Arch Environmental range of belt scrapers and equipment into its distribution portfolio.

"A leader in conveyor belt cleaning systems, Arch Environmental knows what it takes to solve conveyor problems and evidently we back their products 100 per cent," said RJ Cox Engineering managing director Richard Cox.

"Material carried back by your conveyor causes safety hazards, accelerates the wear on all your conveyor components, and is expensive to clean up. The patented Saber Blade and Twister Tensioner from Arch Environmental will make carryback the least of your worries.

"Comparably we have found the Gordon Saber Primary and Mini Cleaners easier to install than any other belt cleaner and the blades can be replaced in less than 10 minutes,” he said.

“Also, the Saber blade never dulls, because its patented shape is self-sharpening. The unique design of the Twister Tensioner holds the belt cleaner in place too and it never needs adjusting.

“The Arch conveyor belt cleaning system range also has a long life-span lasting up to and extending 18 months.

According to Cox the Saber blades are virtually maintenance free, unlike other cleaners which must be checked and readjusted on a daily schedule.

And because of the non-segmented blade, downtime is minimal as they can be easily replaced by removing only one pin and won't damage mechanical splices.

Made of super-premium polyurethane the Saber blades efficiently shave carryback off the belt, letting mechanical splices flow smoothly by, even in the harshest conditions, and at high belt speeds.

The lifetime-guaranteed Twister Tensioner will never rust or corrode, and maintains consistent pressure and contact between the blade and belt.

"The Mini Saber Primary Cleaner incorporates many of the design features of the Saber Primary, just in a smaller package, incorporating the Mini Twister Tensioner," said Cox.

“When small pulleys cause you big trouble, look to the Mini Saber to solve your problems.”

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