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Audio equipment, switchers and moulded cables from Quest Electronics

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Quest Electronics  specialises in offering audio equipment. This range of equipment includes QUEST AV audio equipment in variety of models like CTM1 (compact line to Mic stereo isolator for pc, etc. audio), AB2C (professional stereo balanced / unbalanced interface) and MD12 (media distribution amplifier with 12 balanced outputs). Complete series of switchers from Quest Electronics include AVS44A (passive 4:1 composite, S-Video and stereo switch box) and AVS64A (like AVS44, but with 6 inputs). VP-719xl range of seamless AV, VGA and DVI switcher is also provided by Quest Electronics.

Additionally, Quest Electronics specialises in providing wide range of VCRs. This includes JVC Professional Video (SR-DVM700E JVC Triple digital deck MiniDV/HDD/DVD offered with 6 way dubbing) and infrared control expander. Quest Electronics supplies audio, video and S-Video cables. This range of products includes AV cables and VGA cables. Quest Electronics provides types of VGA cables like HQ Cables (quality moulded cables with off-the-shelf lengths) and HQ Assy's (quality cables with custom lengths).

The various types of adaptors made available by Quest Electronics are audio and video adaptors. Audio adaptors include models like AD7, AD8, AP30, AP40, AP50, AP140 and more with sockets and plugs. Video adaptors from Quest Electronics include YC2B - Bi-directional S-Video adaptor, YC1C - Bi-directional Composite / S-Video adaptor and more.

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