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Energy efficiency auditing services from Queensland and NSW Laboratory

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Energy efficiency audits provide businesses with a prioritised list of feasible and cost efficiency recommendations that aid in improving the energy efficiency of their buildings.

Queensland and NSW Laboratory  auditors specialise in the assessment of client performance in all major energy consuming services of buildings (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, process equipment, IT equipment and water distribution systems). Queensland and NSW Laboratory undertake interviews, documentation analysis, physical auditing, energy data logging, site assessments, and assess information from the Building Management System (BMS).

All recommendations, provided to the client, detail investment payback period/ROI and specify follow-up actions to ensure identified savings are actually achieved.

Following are the key benefits for businesses:

  • Reduce energy consumption in buildings and structures and identify significant cost savings
  • Minimise environmental impact and reduce carbon footprint
  • Reduce environmental liability and improve operating procedures
  • Improve operational efficiency and process systems

The Kyoto Protocol and recent government initiatives and regulations are driving increasing corporate energy consciousness in Australia. As a result, pressure is mounting on building owners throughout Australia to improve their environmental impact and increase sustainability awareness. Retrofitting existing buildings to be energy-efficient, and implementing tailored energy efficiency management plans can result in substantial reductions in energy consumption, costs and emission of greenhouse gases.

In addition, implementing professional energy efficiency management plans for buildings can keep workplaces healthy, and improve staff satisfaction, retention and productivity.

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