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Dust Control Methods from Queensland Laboratory

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Queensland and NSW Laboratory provides a wide range of environmentally friendly services for development and constructions issues.

Open area dust control methods:

Wet Earth provides an automated sprinkler solution using high-quality sprinklers, valves and automated control systems. In open areas, in order to prevent the dust a dust suppression chemical spray is applied. Areas where there is no vehicle movement a polymer based crust can be used. If the surface is not disturbed then this can control dust for 9 to 18 months as it is water permeable and allows plants to grow through it.

Haul road dust suppression:

Traditional haul road dust suppression has been to use water carts as a control strategy. Disadvantages of this approach are the high ongoing cost of water carts and the labour to operate them. The addition of wetting agents and polymer binders can decrease both the application frequency and the amount of water required. These wetting agents improve the performance of the water in wetting the surface material thoroughly. Polymer binders cause the surface particles to hold together reducing their likelihood of becoming airborne (dust). Dust suppression chemicals can be used with both water carts and sprinkler based solutions.

Rural road dust suppression:

The use of specific materials and tools during the road maintenance process (grading and rolling) can improve the stability and compaction of the road, reducing dust.

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