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BENZLERS is a leading manufacture and supplier of power transmission equipment around the world.

For over 50 years, Benzlers’ experience and products satisfy their customer’s transmission demands. Benzlers’ products include worm drives, shaft mount speed reducers and screw jacks.

Available through Queensland Power Transmission , Benzler worm gears BS35-71 have a symmetrical gear-housing manufactured in aluminium. Benzler bs88 and 112 have a gear housing of cast-iron.

Benzler worm wheels are made of centrifugal cast tin/bronze and the worm screw is cast-hardened and ground.

All Benzler motor connections accord with the IEC Standard and the Benzler Bs 40-112 comes with elastic coupling.

The Benzler worm screw is mounted with two separate bearings and not connected with the motor bearings. This means longer lifetime and a smoother drive.

Benzlers’ gearboxes have a soft start and stop with elastic coupling for size 40-112.

Benzlers’ gearboxes have no oil leakage in the motor. There is the possibility to change the motor of the Benzler gearbox without dismounting the gear.

Benzlers also manufacture an environmental gearbox, which is available in the Benzler range BS40-71. All materials supplied in this Benzler gearbox are designed for very harsh conditions.

Advantages of the Benzler gearbox are: no corrosion, low weight, high rating, IEC rating, high surface finish, no maintenance, easy handling and modern design.

This Benzler gearbox is suitable for the following industries: food, paper, pharmaceutical, chemical, defence, marine and all outdoor installations.

Benzler gearboxes in this series have coated a gear case, flanges and feet. The gearbox has also stainless steel bolts in the gear housing, plus stainless steel hollow shafts.

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