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Orange Shield Motor Covers available from Queensland Power Transmission Supplies

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Queensland Power Transmission Supplies are now distributing Orange Shield Motor Covers. The Results of Orange Motor Covers are real – a major Prep Plant cut its motor failure by 60% in just the first year after installing Orange Shield Motor Covers.

Orange Shield Motor Covers maximize the heat transfer efficiency of the cooling fins resulting in more heat being transferred. Thousands of Orange Shield Covers have been installed in paper and pulp mills, fertilizer plants, coal mines and other industrial environments.

Orange Shield Motor Covers increase airflow by 140% through the cooling fins . Independent studies for IEEE proved the use of Orange Shield Motor Covers produces a 140% increase in surface airflow through the cooling Fins . This results in lower drive –end bearing temperature and lower internal winding temperatures.

Orange shield motor covers make maintenance easier by keeping debris off your motors. You will spend less time cleaning motors and your motors will require less maintenance with Orange Shield Motor Covers . Unlike Heavy steel covers, Orange Shield Motor Covers are lightweight so one person can handle them. Orange Shield Motor Covers have a snap-on design makes installing and removing the Orange Shield Motor Covers a breeze.

Features of Orange Shield Motor Covers:

  • Lowers internal winding temperatures
  • Keeps motors clean for easier maintenance
  • Increases airflow in cooling fins by 140%
  • Lowers drive –end bearing temperatures
  • Lightweight snap-on design for simple installation
  • Independent test for IEEE proved the benefits of Orange Shield Covers are real .
  • Used for over 10 years in Paper Mills, Coal Mines , quarries , Pulp Mills , and other industries world wide .
  • Standard stock sizes for IEC/NEMA Frames
  • Will note rust or corrode

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