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Long lasting Hitachi roller chains

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article image Chains are corrosion resistance.

QUEENSLAND Power Transmission Supplies (QPTS) has announced the arrival of the first shipments of premium quality Hitachi roller chains, which is now available at the company’s store in Brisbane.

As well as catering for the higher volume competitive range of chain products with Trans-Vision brand, the company will also be able to deliver the Hitachi Neo-SBR.

The NEO-SBR series roller chain offers additional features not available in other chain brands imported into Australia. Combined with Hitachi's world renowned high quality materials and workmanship and they will add significant service life to chains in all applications.

The SBR (Solid Bushing and Solid Roller) provide total contact between pin bushing and roller increasing wear resistance and reducing elongation, therefore improving the chain service life.

The NEO model has special double surface corrosion treatment of the pin and bush, providing corrosion resistance and a further increase in wear resistance.

The improved connection link design of the series includes wide waste plate improving stress distribution and fatigue resistance.

QPTS has also introduced a comprehensive range of Trans-Vision (TV) roller chains covering most of the applications being used in the market.

The TV Roller chain is manufactured to leading industry standards and conforms to American and European specifications and quality standards.

The American and British standard roller chain is stocked from 1/4” to 3” pitch in single, double and triple strand.

QPTS also stocks a complete range of American standard double pitch conveyor chain, as well as Mark5 roller and pressed steel detachable chains for agricultural use.

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