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Power protection devices supplied by Queensland Power Protection

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Queensland Power Protection  offers range of equipment like auto-start generators, uninterruptible power supplies, enterprise surge protection and even more. Queensland Power Protection provides surge filters from Zapcatcher and Powersmart. These surge filters extends simple and effective plug-in surge protection. LDU offers direct strike lightning protection combined with filters and hard-wired surge diverters, which is capable of protecting equipment from domestic dwelling and industrial complexities.

Uninterruptible power supplies, UPS, offered by Queensland Power Protection are power conditioners provided with built-in batteries. There are three types of UPS supplied by Queensland Power Protection, namely, line interactive, stand-by and double conversion on-line. Stand-by UPS relies solely on its battery for fighting against power fluctuations, thus it is not apt for industrial, commercial and rural applications. Unlike stand-by UPS, line interactive UPS has special circuitry to counter voltage fluctuations.

On-line UPS offered by Queensland Power Protection is one of the ultimate solutions for power protection. Some of the places where UPS extended by Queensland Power Protection can be used are industrial or mining situations, hospitals, computer rooms with multiple fileservers and more. Queensland Power Protection supplies Plug In Surge as power protection device, which can save equipment from suffering serious damages.

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