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Generators and surge protectors from Queensland Power Protection

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Queensland Power Protection  offers surge protection, which is supplied in two formats, namely, plug-in devices like ones made by Zapcatcher and Powersmart and the other is device that are hard-wired into meter box or electrical switchboard. The surge protectors are provided with product called a metal oxide varistor or MOV. This diverts the extra voltage and thus saves the equipment from damage. Hard-wired surge diverters and filters are some of the significant offerings from Queensland Power Protection for industrial and commercial applications.

Additionally, Queensland Power Protection provides surge and transient protection, which can gain access to any equipment via data/signal lines, power lines and telecommunication lines. Queensland Power Protection offers two types of solution for the protection of power lines, filters and diverters. Surge filters supplied by Queensland Power Protection is used to protect sensitive electronics like computers, telecommunications equipment, PLC’s and control equipment and various other audio and visual equipment. There are three types of surge filter provided by Queensland Power Protection, namely, low current, medium current and high current.

Signal line protectors are supplied by Queensland Power Protection, which are intended for protection of the low voltage circuits like PLC's and control circuitry. Queensland Power Protection also offers complete range of coaxial protectors to various applications like standard coax, microwave, mobile installations and more. Queensland Power Protection provides state-of-the-art generators manufactured by Alternative Power Systems.

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