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Refractory linings available from Queensland Gunite

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Queensland Gunite  provide refractory linings for solving the insulation issues in industries. Queensland Gunite refractory linings utilise refractory materials for providing insulations. These properly installed refractory linings also minimise pollution.

Refractory Gunite lined boilers, heaters and furnaces will enable plant operators to run higher exhaust temperatures and thereby eliminate secondary combustion and excessive discharge of unburned fuel particles from entering the atmosphere. The use of Gunite placed refractory linings produce higher initial firing temperatures, which enhance the fuel efficiency as well as help to conserve the fossil fuels.

Refractory linings, manufactured by the Gunite method, give the designer greater latitude with respect to the lining possibilities with weight, density, abrasion values thereby enabling easier and faster installation.

Queensland Gunite have been involved in refractory lining projects for the past two decades as well as in the supply of energy solutions to oil refineries, power plants and industries.

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