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Variety of gasket models from Queensland Gaskets

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Queensland Gaskets  manufacture different varieties of gaskets and supplies to various sectors such as sugar mills, hospitals, mining,ship building, alumina plants, food processing plants, refrigeration,electricity generation and many others. Different types of products manufactured by Queensland Gaskets includes industrial gaskets, spiral wound gaskets, boiler gaskets, moulded rubber products, flexible graphite sheets and various other products.

Industrial gaskets produced by Queensland Gaskets are applicable for industrial purposes and resistant to corrosive chemicals, high temperature and pressure. Spiral wound gaskets marketed under brand name such as Tesnitallic is a graphite filled gasket while boiler gaskets sold under brand name of Blue max which is easily removable due to the presence of P.T.F.E material. Boiler gaskets are high quality gaskets made from glass cloth, synthetic fibres and brass wire mesh along with a coating of P.T.F.E material.

Oil jointing paper marketed under the brand name Sealrite has a thickness upto 3mm which is made of cellulose and impregnated with plasticised gelatine binder. It is applicable for automotive uses. Sepco compression packings manufactured by Queensland Gaskets are non asbestos packings. Expanded graphite sheet is ideal that it can tolerate high temperature, corrosive fluids and pressure.

Expanded graphite ribbon tape manufactured by Queensland Gaskets has natural lubricity and high thermal conductivity. Graphite crinkle tapes which also has an adhesive backing could be used in areas of high temperature.

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