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QUBIC will be demonstrating the newly released Konica Minolta Vivid 9i 3D Laser Scanner on Stand 2608 during National Manufacturing Week 2006 at Sydney's Darling Harbour, from May 30 to June 2.

3D scanners are designed to scan solid items such as phones, cars and people and convert those scans into accurate industry standard 3D computer data.

This data can then be used by engineers, designers, radiologists, artists, educators, animators and jewellers among many others.

"Most people know about 2D flatbed scanners, now commonly used in homes and offices for converting documents and pictures into computer data," said Ben Tam, Qubic's general manager.

"Using 3D scanners, you can now do the same with 3D objects."

Konica Minolta's VIVID 9i is the newest addition to its 3D scanner product line, features improved accuracy and ease of use, and complies with ISO 9001 certification standards.

According to Qubic, the Minolta VIVID 9i is as easy to use as a normal digital camera and compared with other systems, is faster and has improved repeatability.

Staff training is minimal, and different people doing the same job will get the same result with higher accuracy.

With improved processing speed and the new graphical user interface specifically developed for this unit, large amounts of measurement data can be merged, edited and converted into standard 3D data formats faster and easier.

Other features include:

* Maximum accuracy of 0.05 mm in all three X, Y and Z axes, ensuring data of the highest accuracy.

* Improved precision of merged measurement data obtained in two or more axes; using the marker registration tool, even large objects - such as bumpers and instrument panels - can be measured with high precision.

* A user calibration system to eliminate loss of precision resulting from lens replacement or changes in the ambient environment - ensuring that factory-set accuracy can be maintained.

* A variety of measurement modes, eliminating the need for complicated settings

* Polygon Editing Software V2.00 for improved performance. Higher processing speeds and enhanced measurement GUI allow for quicker and easier merging and editing of large amounts of measurement data.

Qubic is an Australian company specialising in the installation, training and education of 3D scanning and desktop Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machining technology.

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