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Non porous and resistant to weathering stones from Quartzite

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Quartzite  is a specialist supplier of Brazilian quartzite natural stone. Sandstone is transformed into quartzite by applying heat and pressure usually related to compression. Brazilian quartzite natural stone is made available in range of colours like light brown, blue, green, yellow, purple, black, shades of pink and red. The true metamorphic quartzite is also called as meta-quartzite. These are re-crystallised with cementing material to form interlocking mosaic of quartz crystals.

Brazilian quartzite natural stone offered by Quartzite provides smooth surface rather than rough and granular one. Quartzite natural stone from Quartzite is one of the non-porous, durable and resistant to weathering stones. Quartzite is obtained by surface mining by first removing any overburden from the stone and finally the stone is removed using large excavators. Quartzite uses processes like drilling, feathering and wedging for breaking larger blocks of stones into thin slabs.

Once removed from the quarry, Quartzite splits the stones by hand using hammers and chisels. This gives looking natural rough finish look to the rustic looking natural stone. Quartzite natural stone provided by Quartzite has superior anti slip properties and are impervious to stains. These stones are durable and do not wear significantly.

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