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Elegant and durable natural stones offered by Quartzite

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Quartzite  is one of the leading Australian importer and supplier of Quartzite natural stone products. Brazilian Quartzite offered by Quartzite is elegant and durable natural stone with 7 new colours in the natural stone industry. Brazilian Quartzite is the finer alternative for any architect, designer and home builder, who seek alternative to the common natural stones like sandstone, marbles, etc. Quartzite is a well known name in landscaping and building industry. Brazilian Quartzite supplied by Quartzite has beautiful metallic and quartz appearance.

Brazilian quartzite natural stone made available from Quartzite is ideal for any sized project. Brazilian quartzite natural stone is apt for residential backyard water feature to several commercial buildings. Some of the common applications of Brazilian quartzite offered by Quartzite are decorative landscaping, water features, feature walls, interior and exterior paving and tiles, mosaics, wall cladding, swimming pool surroundings and even more.

The new colours, hardness, durability and unique surface textures make Brazilian quartzite natural stone superior choice for many projects that require a unique aesthetic appeal. Brazilian quartzite is hard and metamorphic rock, which originally was sandstone. Quartzite provides quartzite natural stone, which is very dense stone and its weight is nearly the same as granite. Denser means less water absorption and thus, this make quartzite natural stone premium choice for several projects.

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