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Quantum Simplifies Legacy Archive Migration from Oracle’s SAM-FS/QFS to StorNext Software

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Quantum Data Protection  has added a new archive conversion feature to its StorNext data management software to simplify legacy archive migration. Quantum Corp. specialises in backup, recovery and archive solutions.  

The new feature provides greater control and significantly shortens time to access archived files on third-party archival platforms during migration to the StorNext system.  

The latest enhancement to the software reinforces the benefits of StorNext in enabling higher performance and cost effectiveness for tiered data storage and long-term data retention strategies in enterprise environments.  

StorNext’s new Archive Conversion Utility (ACU) minimises the burden associated with legacy storage platform migrations and significantly reduces the expense and time it takes to move files from existing legacy archives to a StorNext solution.  

The first release of this data conversion tool will support the conversion of data from Oracle/Sun’s SAM-FS and QFS software platform.  

According to Robert Plaster, CTO of RPI Consulting that tested the new archive utility in their environment, they have successfully converted and validated millions of QFS archived data files through a painless conversion process, and are now using their QFS archived files with their heterogeneous StorNext clients.  

Key advantages of StorNext’s new Archive Conversion Utility

  • Terabytes or petabytes of archived data located on tape media can be accessed within hours instead of months of initiating a data migration to StorNext
  • Enables storage administrators to transfer only file system structure and metadata information about the associated data files to the StorNext Storage Manager file server
  • Once the transfer completes in a few hours, all non-StorNext files on original media can be accessed and modified from the StorNext File System
  • Administrators can control data movement over time from the legacy media to StorNext Storage Manager native media without disruption to the business workflow operations
  • Offers complete flexibility in migrating physical data to the StorNext supported system

Janae Lee, Quantum Senior Vice President, Disk and Software Products Group says that the new Archive Conversion Utility makes the migration process straightforward and fast for enterprises, minimising the impact on ongoing operations and without the limitations of existing file and archiving systems.  

LTO-5 support

Supported in StorNext Storage Manager, the latest generation open-source tape technology of LTO-5 complements the ACU and enables administrators to take advantage of new performance and capacity improvements.  

Advantages such as the lowest cost per gigabyte for data protection, less power consumption and smaller footprint make LTO-5-based tape libraries an ideal choice for archiving in cost- and energy-efficient enterprise organisations.  

StorNext’s Archive Conversion Utility with support for SAM-FS/QFS migration will be available from Quantum’s worldwide distributors and partners in December 2010.

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