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Replacement feedback transducers for CNC machines

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MICRONOR's MR200 series feedback transducers, available in Australia through Quality in Control , are based on the company's proprietary modular cam switch system.

This technology provides an efficient and cost-effective way to engineer plug-and-play feedback transducers for new equipment designs as well as servicing machinery no longer supported by the original equipment manufacturers.

Feedback units can incorporate any combination of encoders, resolvers, potentiometers, tachometers, rotary limit switches as well as specialized interface electronics (4-20mA or ±10V analogue outputs, serial interface, CAN, etc.).

These feedback components are readily integrated with precision low or zero backlash gearing - in application-specific, compatible packaging.

Feedback transducers are mission critical components of precision CNC machinery - designed to provide highly accurate and reliable position, speed and overrun control of linear or rotary motion in high performance servo motor drive systems.

Machine applications exist across many industries including CNC machine centres, industrial robotics, food processing, medical products, packaging, heavy manufacturing, paper converting, and military/aerospace.

MR200 series feedback transducers can be designed as plug-and-play replacements for obsolete units formerly manufactured by Baumer, Crouzet, Eucron, and Micron.

These transducers are can be found in machinery manufactured by a large number of OEM CNC equipment manufacturers including Bridgeport, Cincinnati Lamb, Giddings & Lewis, and Kingsbury - to name just a few.

Micronor offers a range of standard as well as custom engineered feedback solutions. User quantities can range from one to thousands - there are no minimum quantity requirements. Scan the standard product examples available on www.micronor.com as well as contact Micronor directly with your feedback requirements.

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