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Quality in Control releases interference free passive rotary encoders

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article image MR330 sensors (L) MR332 shown with ODVA IP-LC interface and (R) MR338 MRI

Quality in Control presents Micronor ZapFREE fibre optic absolute and incremental rotary encoders designed for demanding environments.

Providing interference-free, long distance feedback in harsh and/or hazardous environments, ZapFREE fibre optic sensor products are based on an innovative passive sensor design, which provides immunity to EMI, RFI, lightning and ground loops. The sensors are especially unaffected by high voltage static discharges that can easily damage electronics-based encoders and resolver systems.

Micronor ZapFREE fibre optic encoder solutions are based on an all-optical passive sensor design and remote controller module interconnected by an industry standard duplex 62.5/125 multimode optical fibre link. The passive sensor and optical cabling are inherently safe and can be installed in hazardous locations including mines, oil and gas plants, and potentially explosive dust environments.

The optical links can extend to more than 2000 metres, making the solution ideal for long distance feedback applications such as mines, oil and gas plants, aerial cable cars and remote robotic controls.

Micronor fibre optic encoders offer a broad range of features and performance specs that outperform resolvers and conventional encoders in various harsh environmental applications. Micronor has a large range of optical fibre sensor solutions that include temperature sensors, acceleration sensors, vibration sensors and linear sensors.

Application areas include high voltage and VFD drives, mines, steel mills, aerial cable cars, oil and gas, medical and MRI, antenna position, aerospace, and EMC test labs.

Key advantages of Micronor fibre optic encoders: Passive sensor requires no power; immune to EMI, RFI and ground loops; immune to lightning and high voltages; EX inherently safe for hazardous locations, eliminating need for encoder power, isolation barriers and special EX cabling; long distance operation up to 2500 metres; controller module offers multiple built-in interfaces - SSI, USB, RS485, RS232, Modbus, analogue and digital; and LC duplex and ODVA industrial LC connector options.

Micronor ZapFREE fibre optic encoder solutions include MR330 14-bit absolute rotary encoders; MR320 incremental encoders up to 1024ppr resolution; MR324 hollow shaft encoders ideal for large VFD drive applications; MRI safe versions; and special versions for radiation environments.

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