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ODS Grey-Line measuring sensors from Quality in Control

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article image ODS Grey-Line measuring sensors from Quality in Control

Quality in Control have developed a more compact version of their ODS Black and Red-Line measuring sensors, aptly labelled the ODS Grey-Line.  

The ODS Grey-Line measuring sensors offer the same capabilities as their larger counterparts, yet they are more convenient, as they can be connected for synchronised thickness and difference measurement without the need of additional control boxes or special calibration.  

These measuring sensors boast five different measuring ranges, from 5mm over 10, 25 and 50 to 100 mm. At the close end they have a resolution of 0.001mm and a resolution between 0.001mm and 0.005mm at the far end.    

The 5 sensors work within the following limits:

  • ± 0.003 mm
  • ± 0.004 mm
  • ± 0.008 mm
  • ± 0.013 mm
  • ± 0.025 mm 
The measuring sensors are both safe, as they produce a laser that is not harmful to the human eye, and durable, as they are protected by a solid aluminium case.

Versatility is also a noteworthy feature of the measuring sensors, as they can be specifically programmed to use particular filters and modes, and these are interchangeable depending on the task at hand.

To ensure optimal functioning of the measuring sensors, they must be ordered with either RS232 or a RS422 interface and either a 4-20 mA current or a 1-9 V signal.

Laboratories through to offshore oil rigs benefit from using these measuring sensors, and they are optimal for use in the harshest of conditions, for example, they can be mounted on milling machines that are responsible for milling marble and stone, among others.

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