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How to accurately measure length and speed using non-contact means

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Quality in Control presents a solution to accurately measure length and speed using non-contact methods.

The range of Laser Doppler non-contact speed and length gauges provides accurate measurements in some of the toughest production environments, with the design using a Class 3R laser diode source to generate a fringe pattern on the surface of the measured product. The reflected signal is then collected and processed within the sensor.

The speed and length gauge is an ideal choice for manufacturers producing fast or slow continuously moving products.

Applications requiring a precise cut-to-length production process benefit from the highly accurate non slip Laser Doppler measurement.

The non-contact speed and length gauges can be employed to save material with precise, non-contact, non-slip length measurement; determine and control slip between material web and drive elements; monitor and control strip speed in real time; monitor and control the speed of one or more parallel webs that need to be synchronised; monitor shrinkage or expansion/elongation of the strip material during the production process; monitor and control speed differences between pulp web and plastic blotter screens in paper production; detect and control dressing levels in sheet metal and foil production; detect the risks of strip material fracture; cut to length of continuously produced products; and replace existing encoder by interfacing with equivalent quadrature signal into existing controls.

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