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Injection molded plastic components supplied by Quality Plastics

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Quality Plastics  is one of the leading suppliers of injection molding. Quality Plastics was established in 1993 and is an ISO 9002 certified company. Mission of Quality Plastics is offer superior quality injection molded plastic components in accordance to individual customer specifications. Quality Plastics supplies finest and reliable injection molding services, ranging from design and engineering through to part production and mold construction.

Additionally, Quality Plastics takes pride in stating that it produces more than 800 different plastic parts for over 75 different customers. Quality Plastics believes in forming close working associations with the range of customers. This also includes developing partnerships so as to reduce costs, optimise part design, share expertise at all phases of molding project and meeting all expectations of the customers. Quality Plastics is committed to offering quality and cost effective parts on time.

Furthermore, Quality Plastics is managed by injection molding professionals and many other engineers with years of experience in injection molding industry. This experience has helped Quality Plastics to solve problems relating to injection molding. Quality Plastics is specialised in working with intricate parts and tight tolerance in engineering grade materials.

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