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Improving wear resistance of metal parts

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QUALITY Heat Technologies, a leader in fluidised bed reactor technology, has developed a new suite of industrial equipment, under the brand name of Qab, for application of low temperature surface engineering treatments to dramatically improve the wear resistance of metal parts.

The Qab equipment combines patented technologies in fluidised bed reactor design and proprietary low temperature diffusion chemistry developed by Quality Heat Technologies in its research and development department at Bayswater, Victoria.

The combination of the chemistry and fluidised bed technology, which is based on diffusion at low temperature of metallic elements such as chromium nitrogen and carbon into the base metal, opens up a new field of surface engineering treatments for the metal user over a broad spectrum of applications.

The wear-resistant surface treatments will be known under the generic name of Qab but will also be identified by the basic metallic element which is diffused with carbon and nitrogen into the metallic surface, eg Qab-chromium or Qab titanium.

These high hardness, low temperature surface treatments, when applied in such applications as tools used for die casting, cold forming and forging as well as automotive component parts, can dramatically improve service life.

The Qab equipment incorporates a number of significant design changes to conventional fluidised bed equipment utilising protective atmosphere transfer hoods to maintain surface integrity, computer control and special atmosphere fluidised bed seals.

Apart from the equipment being capable of performing the new Qab processes it can be used for bright hardening of tool and stainless steels, and performing normal surface treatments such as carburising and nitriding. Quality Heat Technologies 03 9759 9100.

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