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Nickel based and exotic alloys offered by Quality Castings

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Quality Castings  offers a complete range of carbon and low alloy steels, ferrous alloys comprising alloy irons, high alloy stainless steels for wear, corrosion and heat resistant applications. Quality Castings was established in 1938 and is premium supplier of nickel based and exotic alloys. Quality Castings is specialised in casting bronze alloys, which include manganese and aluminium bronzes. The maximum dressed casting weight offered by Quality Castings ranges from 1300 kilograms in steel alloys and up to 3500 kilograms in iron.

Some of the industries serviced by Quality Castings include cement, paper, petrochemical, pump and valve manufacturer, mining and mineral processing and more. The other users are steelworks, electricity utilities, defence industries and equipment manufacturers. The common types of castings supplied by Quality Castings include wear parts, pump casings and impellers, valve bodies and trim, furnace and cement kiln components, bushes and various other types of engineering components.

Furthermore, the foundry moulding process used by Quality Castings employs alkali-setting phenolic resin tied sand along with assisted risers and ceramic sprues where required. Melting process used by Quality Castings is done by high frequency electric induction and reducing temperatures are noted down by digital readout immersion pyrometers. Quality Castings is also accredited to AS/NZS ISO9001:2000.

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