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Casting bronze alloys and cast iron supplied by Quality Castings

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Quality Castings  is one the leading suppliers of casting bronze alloys, which include manganese and aluminium bronzes. Some of the clients of Quality Castings are electricity utilities, defence industries, pump and valve manufacturer, cement, paper, petrochemical and various other equipment manufacturers. Metal composition used by Quality Castings is guarded by spectrographic testing of the melt sample and adjustment if required. This adjusted composition of metals is verified by production sample analysis. Test bars are heat treated with the casting, when required.

Additionally, Quality Castings provides alloys of iron, carbon and silicon. These alloys contain carbon in excess amount and are referred as cast iron. The common engineering grades contained in these alloys offered by Quality Castings include flake graphite shape to spheroidal. This ensures enhancement in strength and ductility. Quality Castings also provides wear resisting alloy Ni Hard (Q51-Q52), which is obtained by adding nickel and chromium. The ranges of low carbon steels and low carbon iron supplied by Quality Castings are produced to meet strength and hardness requirements.

Apart from these, Quality Castings offers wear resistance and sub-zero impact criteria in its products are ensured by alloy additions and heat treatment control methods. Quality Castings also supplies heat resistant steels and corrosion resistant steels by alloying low and medium carbon steels with molybdenum, vanadium, chromium and tungsten.

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