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Home automation and access control systems from Qualitron Australia

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Home automation systems from Qualitron Australia are designed using available sophisticated and efficient systems that can be operated easily. The professionals at Qualitron Australia design and create beautiful automated homes as per the requirements of customers.

Home automation systems provided by Qualitron Australia include beautiful lighting, temperature control equipment, audio, video and many other products for homes to suit the individual lifestyle. Qualitron Australia‘s home automation systems make homes look catchy, secure and convenient. These are fully integrated home automation systems that enhance the resale value of the homes.

Access control systems from Qualitron Australia are customised to cater to the needs of customers for different types of access controls. Access Control system is customised to fit in the various access control needs. Qualitron Australia’s access control systems help controlling single as well as multiple doors at sites.

It is easy to restrict access to staff and visitors to particular areas and one can also keep track of people entering that area.

Qualitron Australia offers unique solutions to deal with safety and theft effectively. Highly efficient surveillance systems are provided by Qualitron Australia on a large scale ranging from simple camera to multiple colour camera systems. These cameras help reduce the risk of theft significantly and record surveillance footage as a proof of any illegal incident.

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