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Truck wheel weighers from QWM hired by QLD ship builder

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article image Road Guardian truck wheel weighers feature a strong but lightweight construction, making them highly manoeuvrable

Truck wheel weighers were recently hired to accurately weigh a large catamaran after fit-out had been completed. Supplied by Accuweigh’s QWM branch in Brisbane, the truck wheel weighers were positioned under the wooden chocks supporting the vessel.

Accuweigh’s Road Guardian truck wheel weighers were ideal for this weighing application due to their very low profile of only 32mm total height and their large and stable scale platform base.

Accuweigh’s service technicians attended the site to over-see the weighing process, which required four truck wheel weigh pads to be accurately positioned at strategic points of the vessel that were capable of supporting the heavy point loadings.

Truck wheel weighers can be used in many short term weighing applications other than providing truck axle/wheel weights due to their strong but lightweight aluminium construction which provides a robust but highly manoeuvrable weighing surface.

Each truck wheel weigher is designed for full portability and is powered by six AA-size batteries to eliminate the need for a power cables.

Each truck wheel weigher has its own weight display integrated into the carry handle and they can also be configured for network operation to display the total summed weight of all mating weigh pads on a single selected display.

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