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Forklift rental services provided by QV Forklifts

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QV Forklifts  offers forklift rental services depending upon the capacity of the forklifts and requirements of the clients. QV Forklifts offers LINDE H70D, which is a 1997 Model and has 7000 kilograms capacity. LINDE H70D is a 2 Stage 4450 millimetres mast with wide carriage with side shift, new pneumatic dual wheels, front, top and rear screens and more. QV Forklifts also provides LINDE H60T for rent. LINDE H60T is 2 stage 4450mm mast with air conditioned cabin and great tyres.

LINDE H60D offered by QV Forklifts for rent is 6000 kilograms capacity diesel forklift with 4850 millimetres mast and is in excellent condition. QV Forklifts also provides BOBCAT S130 for rents purpose. BOBCAT S130 has bumper bar, reverse alarm, flashing light, suspension seat, spare wheel and tyre and more.

LINDE H25T is another forklift provided by QV Forklifts as rental equipment. LINDE H25T is 2,500 kilogram capacity forklift with 2 Stage 4650 millimetres mast and side shift. LINDE R16 offered for rent by QV Forklifts is 1600 kilogram capacity forklift and has good battery, good tyres and wheels along with 7300 millimetres 3 stage mast.

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