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QAD unveils new modules and services

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Building on its commitment to helping manufacturers run a demand-driven enterprise, QAD Inc. has unveiled new modules and services that extend the capabilities of its flagship enterprise software suite to sales and marketing, equipment utilisation, transportation logistics, and improvements in demand management.

A leading provider of enterprise applications for global manufacturers, QAD has enhanced its Global Enterprise Edition suite, QAD GXE, to further assist multi-national manufacturers in simplifying aspects of their business, from demand forecasting to supply and demand alignment, to demand fulfilment, for world-class customer relationships and more profitable operations.

The new offerings continue QAD’s Demand Driven Enterprise Initiative, following the debut of QAD GXE and the 2005 launch of strategic solutions for global management and local execution. The new QAD modules help manufacturers establish and maintain high-quality customer relationships through sales force and marketing automation; optimise production planning and inventory; and deliver goods in compliance with regulatory and customer requirements.

Additionally, QAD consulting services contribute to more efficient, cost-effective use of QAD software, while more customisable learning and an updated .NET-based user interface enhance employees’ work with manufacturing data, enabling them to work more productively.

The new software from QAD is designed to give multi-national manufacturers, the ability to identify and act quickly on local opportunities, while maintaining a global standard of demand fulfillment and operational efficiency. As QAD delivers on its commitment to the demand-driven manufacturing enterprise, it is gratifying to extend the capabilities of its solutions without adding complexity, as well as to make progress on our vision of a perfect lean market by helping to streamline the manufacturing supply chain.

New modules, enhancements address customer-facing functions
The new software modules complement existing QAD GXE capabilities for responding to customer demand. QAD Sales Force Automation and QAD Marketing Automation improve aspects of customer interaction that can lead to long-term, profitable relationships. QAD Transportation Management System integrates logistics management with QAD enterprise software to help manufacturers follow through seamlessly on their customer commitments. QAD Demand Management and QAD Enterprise Asset Management facilitate more effective use of resources. 

Highlighted features and functions in the new QAD modules include:
QAD Sales Force Automation. Featuring tools to define and standardise sales processes, QAD Sales Force Automation helps manage all opportunities, contacts and activities. The module centralises sales cycle and pipeline information, and provides calendaring, alerts and remote access. Standardised sales process and an accurate view of the sales funnel help sales and management understand progress against sales goals.

QAD Marketing Automation. Using key criteria to identify high-potential prospects, QAD Marketing Automation helps companies create highly targeted marketing campaigns. Support for budgeting and tracking of actual costs helps users keep campaigns on budget and gauge cost per lead. Fully integrated with QAD Sales Force Automation, QAD Marketing Automation ensures that leads get fast attention to become sales.

QAD Transportation Management System. Incorporating open, standards-based technology from QAD’s recent acquisition of Precision Software, QAD Transportation Management System helps increase visibility into logistics, so that manufacturers can move goods quickly and predictably through the global supply chain. The module helps manufacturers reduce transportation costs, prevent transit-related delays and comply with global trade regulations.

QAD Enterprise Asset Management. By addressing all aspects of the plant and equipment lifecycle, QAD Enterprise Asset Management helps increase asset utilisation and its impact on profitability. QAD capabilities in this area have recently been strengthen by the acquisition of long-standing partners FBO Systems, Inc. The module includes tools for managing capital projects, MRO inventory and indirect purchasing, and features a dashboard interface for quick insight.

QAD Demand Management. Building on the demand management engine and tools introduced last May, new modules for Inventory Optimisation and Rough Cut Capacity Planning help to assess production plans’ feasibility and facilitate adjustments to scheduling and resources. Rough Cut Capacity Planning executes this analysis with a focus on finished goods and major sub-assemblies to plan for the entire shop floor. The QAD Demand Management suite is completely configurable, scalable and easy to deploy as well as easy to access through a web-based interface for industry-leading value at a lower cost than competing solutions.  

QAD also has enhanced a host of products including QAD Advanced Inventory Management, QAD Production Scheduler, QAD Customer Self Service and QAD Business Intelligence.

New services improve human capital management
In conjunction with new and improved software, new QAD support and learning services are designed to help manufacturers get more from their employees. QAD Global Services now offers enhanced application management and upgrade services to ensure that each customer continually receives maximum value from its QAD system, without having to dedicate internal resources that could be assigned to more profitable activities.

In addition, a learning assessment service gauges opportunities for manufacturers to improve training and education, so that employees use QAD applications efficiently and effectively, based on an understanding of manufacturing fundamentals and industry context. New tools for knowledge management and customisation of learning programs, and content, complement the assessment. Finally, QAD Global Services is facilitating new Customer Advisory Groups for user input with respect to business process, software and industry requirements that could inform future QAD solutions.

QAD Sales Force Automation, QAD Marketing Automation, QAD Enterprise Asset Management and QAD Transportation are available to early adopter customers. QAD Demand Management and new modules are shipping.

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