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QAD launches QAD enterprise applications 2007

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QAD  Inc., a leading provider of enterprise software and services for global manufacturers, today announced general availability of QAD Enterprise Applications 2007 (QAD 2007), an enhanced version of its flagship enterprise software formerly known as MFG/PRO with functionality that addresses the needs of single-site and multinational organisations.

QAD 2007 is a complete suite to address the requirements of global enterprises. Employing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) capabilities, QAD 2007 includes enhanced functionality that enables global manufacturers to better manage supply and demand chains, enterprise assets, transportation and logistics, while streamlining communication and improving manufacturing productivity.

QAD 2007 is the first QAD application to offer users “deployment independence,” which means QAD 2007 will be made available to customers via any of three deployment methods: On Premise, a traditional license and delivery structure, On Demand, an application management services offering hosted by QAD, or On Appliance, with the software pre-loaded on a machine.

The new software also demonstrates strong human engineering in the form of a new user interface – QAD.NET UI – to help improve productivity, ease-of-use and desktop integration.

“In order to compete in today’s global marketplace, manufacturers of all sizes must gain better insight into their business operations in order to better anticipate and respond to change in the marketplace and streamline collaboration with trading partners,” said Pamela Lopker, chairman and president, QAD.

“With QAD 2007, our customers will become more demand-driven by improving supply chain communication and operational performance without the added complexity that’s typical of older, more traditional ERP software.”

QAD 2007 further supports QAD’s vision of the “Perfect Lean Market” for manufacturing a frictionless supply chain where communication is virtually instantaneous, inefficiencies are minimised and waste is eliminated. QAD 2007 helps manufacturers move toward the Perfect Lean Market by providing the ability to:

  • Improve visibility into their overall business operations
  • Move quickly and efficiently at both the global and the local level
  • Balance corporate financial concerns and local market effectiveness

QAD 2007 also helps manufacturers to comply with their internal corporate policies as well as those mandated by government bodies, and supports best practices both locally and globally.

QAD 2007 Functionality
QAD 2007 is designed to streamline the management of manufacturing operations, supply chains, financials, customers, and technology and business performances all in one suite.

Features and functions of QAD 2007 include:

  • QAD Financials – provides capabilities to manage and control businesses at a local, regional and global level with solutions for accounting, regulatory compliance, financial reporting and other critical business requirements
  • QAD Customer Management – provides improved responsiveness through collaboration and management of customers and demand
  • QAD Manufacturing – enables companies to reduce costs and increase throughput using the new manufacturing scheduling techniques, including the capability to fully support lean adoption
  • QAD Supply Chain – improves the management of supply and suppliers through real-time collaboration, including transportation and demand management
  • QAD Service and Support – provides the capability for after sale service and support of products. Manages warranty tracking, service calls, and returns and repairs
  • QAD Enterprise Asset Management – manages the entire life cycle of capital assets from planning and installation to preventative maintenance and repair
  • QAD Analytics – helps companies analyse data to measure business performance in key areas
  • QAD Interoperability -- allows database portability and operating system flexibility, and enables access to all elements of QAD Enterprise Applications
Specifically Tailored for Global Manufacturing Companies
QAD Enterprise Applications 2007 is built on a deep, foundational understanding of manufacturing. Designed for maximum flexibility anywhere in the world, QAD 2007 is available in 27 languages and can handle multiple currencies.

For both single-site manufacturers with customers and suppliers in many locations around the world, and global enterprises with factories and plants in dozens of countries, QAD can provide the solutions and support to operate multi-national businesses efficiently and profitably.

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