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QAD enhances manufacturing capabilities

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DELIVERING on its commitment to offer multinational manufacturers strategic solutions for global management and local execution, QAD has introduced product enhancements and the QAD Production Scheduler.

These include software and services designed to give global manufacturers a strategic advantage by removing waste - not only from production but from across the extended enterprise - to help achieve efficient production and best-in-class inventory levels.

These advanced manufacturing offerings update the QAD Global Enterprise Edition (GXE) portfolio of solutions created to support global operational excellence, while preserving the flexibility of local operations.

Purpose-built to support leading-edge production, QAD software's advanced manufacturing capabilities are completely scalable, simple to implement and easy to use in established manufacturing centres, new markets or new ventures.

Enhancements reflect world-class production system principles and best practices for transmitting data to achieve lean manufacturing and supply visibility.

Other updates for advanced manufacturing address sales and distribution, communication of inventory data across the supply chain, advanced warehouse management functionality and streamlined production.

Along with the release of enhanced functionality in several existing QAD solutions, QAD advanced manufacturing capabilities are further extended with QAD Production Scheduler, a new Web-based module that increases scheduling efficiency by providing near real-time insight into key production scheduling information in a single screen.

Visual alerts enable the scheduler to quickly determine and act on potential item availability and capacity problem areas.

QAD Production Scheduler, which consolidates production scheduling information into a single screen, provides near-real-time insight into demand, supply and capacity, uses visual alerts to flag potential problem areas, and allows for scheduling simulation.

The system includes an integrated suite incorporating QAD MFG/PRO eB2.1, QAD Lean Manufacturing, QAD JIT Sequencing, QAD Customer Self Service and QAD Supply Visualisation for streamlining every aspect of the expanded enterprise.

QAD Production Scheduler includes global services spanning lean consulting, upgrade services, application management services and rapid e-commerce implementation.

Together, these updates are intended to help manufacturers improve:

* Demand accuracy

* Reduce inventory

* Cut inventory-related costs

* Boost inventory turns to best-in-class levels

* Streamline processing

* Shorten product lead time

* Lower logistics costs

* Improve customer self-service

* Reduce overhead and administration.

With more accurate and iterative production scheduling, QAD Production Scheduler also helps reduce safety stock buffers and improve accuracy of order-to-promise dates.

In combination with existing QAD capabilities, this new functionality can help global manufacturers increase customer satisfaction and improve plant and supply chain efficiencies.

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