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QAD Australia signs co-marketing agreement with LANSA

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QAD Australia, a global provider of enterprise software applications and services, has signed a co-marketing agreement with LANSA, a provider of business solutions for supply chain automation.

Under terms of the agreement, QAD Australia will partner with LANSA to deliver LANSA Data Sync Direct along with QAD Enterprise Applications to customers in a variety of industries so that they can participate in the supply chain initiatives being driven by many large retailers and distributors.

QAD Australia selected LANSA based on its global presence, strong sales and support organisation, and extensive experience in the data synchronisation industry, making it a strong fit with QAD's business strategy.

LANSA Data Sync Direct was first delivered in June 2002 on the back of a mandate issued by a major international retailer, Global Data Synchronisation (GDS) is a worldwide initiative intended to resolve product data inaccuracies among trading partners.

With more than 300 customers now using the product, LANSA Data Sync Direct is one of the feature rich and mature data synchronisation solutions on the market.

"Lansa provides comprehensive, easy-to-implement applications that place the company among the top data synchronisation players in the industry," said Robert Cramer, director of product management with QAD.

"Their experience with global data registries and global implementations, along with their ability to provide both a low-cost hosted solution and a behind-the-firewall implementation for more demanding users, fits extremely well with the retail data synchronisation needs of QAD’s Consumer Products, Life Sciences, and Automotive Aftermarket customer base."

“A paradigm shift is happening in the way supply chains perform. Those with the leanest supply chain and the most efficient means to execute their business gain a significant advantage.”

“To make this happen, suppliers and retailers need to communicate in a more efficient manner by enabling collaborative electronic commerce. QAD’s marketplace vision for a ‘Perfect Lean Market’ for manufacturing fits cleanly with this objective, and our LANSA Data Sync Direct solution helps facilitate its implementation. We are proud to join forces with QAD in this partnership,” said John Siniscal, president of LANSA Americas.

LANSA recently announced the certification and release of LANSA Data Sync Direct V6, an enhanced version of its widely used data synchronisation product, which will facilitate migration by suppliers, distributors and retailers to the new 1SYNC data pool platform. 1SYNC, a not-for-profit subsidiary of GS1 US, introduced the new platform to help participants maximise the value of data synchronisation.

The certification, the first for a 1SYNC Solution Partner, recognises that LANSA Data Sync Direct has met the requirements for migrating recipient users to 1SYNC Data Recipient XML Release 6.1.1

LANSA Data Sync Direct was designed for the mid-market, and provides full-service functionality in a single affordable package.

An easy-to-use browser-based solution, it is completely scaleable and adaptable to an organisation's current business processes, allowing them to on-board and quickly achieve compliance.

QAD Enterprise Applications 2007 (QAD 2007), QAD’s flagship enterprise software formerly known as MFG/PRO, likewise provides functionality that addresses the needs of single-site and multinational organisations.

QAD 2007 is a complete suite to address the requirements of global enterprises. Employing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) capabilities, QAD 2007 includes enhanced functionality that enables global manufacturers to better manage supply and demand chains, enterprise assets, transportation and logistics, while streamlining communication and improving manufacturing productivity.

QAD 2007 is a QAD application to offer users deployment independence, which means QAD 2007 will be made available to customers via any of three deployment methods: On Premise, a traditional license and delivery structure, On Demand, an application management services offering hosted by QAD, or On Appliance, with the software pre-loaded on a machine.

The new software also demonstrates strong human engineering in the form of a new user interface – QAD.NET UI – to help improve productivity, ease-of-use and desktop integration.

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