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ENTERPRISE applications provider QAD has announced the availability of QAD Business Intelligence (QAD BI), a new enterprise application that helps manufacturers gain insight into their business operations by leveraging the information collected within their QAD MFG/PRO system.

Using QAD BI, manufacturers have the visibility required to anticipate and proactively respond to business trends, improve decision making and be more competitive.

QAD enterprise applications automate and streamline manufacturing operations from the production line to financials and supply chain interaction - and collect extensive data related to these enterprise functions.

In response to customers' need to understand enterprise performance, QAD BI allows global manufacturers to use data captured by QAD MFG/PRO to better align execution with business strategy across the organisation for effective enterprise performance management, or EPM.

To transform data into valuable insight, QAD BI comprises two primary components: a data transformer and pre-defined business models.

The data transformer performs extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) functions on the raw data collected by QAD MFG/PRO, ensures its accuracy and consistency, and then aggregates this content in a separate, dedicated business intelligence data warehouse.

The pre-defined business models incorporate 150 key performance indicators (KPIs) and provide a framework for mapping the collated data to a meaningful format.

Even customers running multiple versions of QAD MFG/PRO can use QAD BI to quickly assess sales performance, forecast production, rate vendors, gauge financial controls, monitor inventory, and measure service management performance as well as manufacturing performance.

Cognos Powerplay PowerCubes are built into QAD BI so that users can view analytics in their format of choice, using a Web browser or popular word-processing or spreadsheet tools.

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