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Just-in-time sequencing solution

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QAD has announced the availability of its new QAD JIT Sequencing solution, designed to address the sequenced production requirements of the automotive industry.

In collaboration with Johnson Controls, a leading automotive supplier, QAD has developed software to reflect real-world best practices for automotive parts suppliers working just-in-time (JIT) to supply product to the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) production line.

QAD JIT Sequencing works with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and provides flexible, user-defined, rules-based functions to accommodate changes in broadcast formats and business processes quickly and easily.

As part of the solution for sequenced production, QAD Global Services can help companies design and optimise their QAD JIT Sequencing deployment for immediate benefits and improved supplier performance including shorter lead times, reduced inventory levels and increased profitability.

In sequenced production, a supplier manufactures, assembles or delivers components in the exact sequence required by the OEM’s assembly line. QAD JIT Sequencing allows global manufacturers to synchronise plant operations with OEMs’ line sequenced demand, and receive, process and schedule activities in real time.

Through dynamic processing of broadcast messages from the OEM, attributes such as sequence number, vehicle identification number (VIN) and engineering revision level are identified and directly linked to production. Suppliers can react to line sequence changes in real time, make necessary production changes and communicate them down the supply chain immediately.

Automation of production and shipping

QAD JIT Sequencing addresses a range of supplier and production models and methods of process control, giving automotive manufacturers a comprehensive solution for in-line sequenced production.

The module automates support for a range of functions crucial to manufacturing and shipping to sequence, providing immediate benefit. When integrated with QAD MFG/PRO, the JIT software affords global manufacturers even greater control over manufacturing processes and inventory, as well as providing real-time insight necessary to analyse and manage costs and profit margins.

In addition to solution architecture designed to support integration with real-time systems, QAD Global Services can help customers develop application programming interfaces (APIs) and install, deploy and configure the QAD JIT Sequencing solution for immediate impact.

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